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Treat your four-legged friend to a cosy dog bed

They say that a dog is a man's best friend, but are you doing enough to show your pooch that you care about him?

Of course you can give your dog a tasty snack to enjoy as a treat or a new squeaky toy to play with, but why not consider getting your animal something that he will not only love but will also prove to be a practical addition to your home?

This could be achieved by investing in a dog bed for your four-legged pal. By making such a purchase you'll be providing your animal with somewhere cosy to rest on - it's bound to be comfortable for them than sleeping on a bare floor!

There are a whole host of places in your home where you can choose to have a dog bed - and one room you may want to consider is the kitchen. This is where many dogs sleep and as it's the place where they often eat and drink, it could be a convenient place for such seating.

You could opt to put it near the kitchen door so that in the event they want to stretch their legs by having a run around the garden they will not cause too much mayhem as they bound through the house to make it outside.

After they've had their fill of exercise - whether they've been busy playing a game of fetch with their favourite stick or just messing around with an old football - they can make the short journey back indoors to chill out on their dog bean bags, lap up some water and relax in the kitchen.

But you do not have to place such a bean bag chair in this part of the home if you don't want to. With this type of seating the choice is entirely up to you. After all you could find that after several days of having the dog bed in the kitchen, it may be better suited somewhere else. This could include the living room, while those who cannot bear to be parted from their pet as they sleep may want to place a dog bean bag in their bedroom, so their mutt is always close by.

Bean bag chairs come in a wide variety of styles and shapes and the specific one you select could be influenced by what type of canine you have. The likes of chihuahuas and corgis will likely only need a small bean bag chair, as will those who have puppies, although those who prefer bigger dogs - such as an alsatian or dalmatian - may find that large bean bags are more suitable.

If you enjoy colour-coordinating your dog's accessories - perhaps his winter jacket, collar and bowl are all the same shade - then you may want to get a bean bag or bed in a tone which matches this style. And if you particularly want to show your pup that you care, why not splash out on luxury throws? This could help him keep warm while he sleeps during those chilly nights.

In a similar way to when you purchase a bean bag sofa for use by people, getting a dog bed which matches the decor of the rest of the room could well be advisable.

But who says that dog beds just have to be used in the home? By packing one in the backseat of your car, your canine can travel in style as you take him out for a ride. Whether you're going away on holiday or just nipping out to see a friend, your dog is sure to love the comfort that will come from travelling while sat on a dog bed.

However, if you're a pet-lover who doesn't own a dog you may still want to consider investing in a bean bag for your animal. Such seating could be ideal for the likes of cats or rabbits.