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The benefits of having a bean bag while pregnant

Pregnant ladies undergo many changes as they wait to give birth. And while these range from mood swings to cravings for unusual combinations of food, women should also prepare their body for the physical effects of expectancy.
The extra weight you are carrying may cause back pain for instance, and in your delicate state - particularly if you are approaching the stage where you are due to give birth at any moment - it is important that you look after your body and make sure you are as comfortable as possible.
Bean bag chairs can play a vital role in helping your during pregnancy, giving you something cosy to sit on. As you carry your unborn child, you could find that hardbacked chairs are too stiff an item of furniture to relax on.
However, due to their softy, comfy nature, a bean bag may be an ideal item to give you more space to stretch out on. The fact you're effectively carrying a person with you at all times means you're bound to need as much comfort as possible from your seating - and a straight-backed dining chair made from wood and lacking cushions is unlikely to provide you with this.
Bean bags, on the other hand, make for a much more flexible item. And as they are relatively light, you should find that they are able to pick them up fairly easily if you want to go into another room in your home, before plopping them back on the floor to sit down.
But whether you're in the latter stages of pregnancy or have just found out that you're expecting, you may want to get your partner to carry your bean bag into another part of your home. Due to your condition, you should be sure to take it as easy as possible. After all it is not just you and your own health that you have to think about - it is also that of your child.
Whether you choose to keep your bean bag - perhaps in the living room, bedroom or the nursery for your newborn - you are sure to find it a comfortable piece of furniture on which to do a variety of relaxing activities.
These can range from watching television to reading naming books and brushing up on birthing tips. You could also rest your hands over your tummy and feel the baby kick!
One thing you can do while perched on a bean bag during your pregnancy - whether you opt for a large bean bag sofa, a smaller bean bag cube or something else - is to talk out loud to your little one. You may want to tell your little one about you and the rest of his or her family, how your day went or even read a story to them. It is often said that reading to your unborn can help to sooth your child and create a loving and lasting bond between mother and baby.
Although they are in utero, children can hear voices, music and other sounds, so you may well find that reading them fairytales and other stories is an enjoyable way to spend some quality time with your child. And who knows by reading to them on a regular basis before they are born could help your child become a keen reader later in life!
You could well find your child also enjoys reading on bean bags and you may want to snuggle up to them on children's bean bags as they pore over the likes of the Hungry Caterpillar and See Spot Run to reminisce about the times you spent curled upon a bean bag chair reading to your bump!