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The benefits of having a bean bag if you're ill

Whether you've got an upset stomach, a fever or a killer migraine, or perhaps all three ailments at once, being ill is an unpleasant experience to go through.
And if you're particularly under the weather, you may have to take time off work, university or school to stay at home and recover. You'll probably be concentrating on getting better as soon as possible - and whether you do this by taking medicines, eating comfort foods such as chicken soup or trying to close your eyes and get some rest, your endeavours in getting back in tip-top condition should be done in as comfortable an environment as possible.
Bean bag chairs could help you with this. So whether you're laid down with a particularly nasty case of man flu, are recovering from a bout of food poisoning or are incapacitated due to a broken bone, a bean bag may well help put you in a better frame of mind and get you on the road to recovery that little bit quicker.
This kind of seating makes for a much more comfortable option than sitting on a hard-backed chair and if you're feeling under the weather you may find this to be an alternative to spending all day wrapped up in bed.
As you attempt to recover, you may want to try and take your mind off things by doing a little reading. Bean bags are an ideal piece of furniture on which to read books, newspapers and magazines and you may soon find yourself distracted from the burden of being under the weather.
Foods such as chicken soup, ginger ale and orange juice are often consumed by those who are not feeling very well. And as you sit on a bean bag cube, you may want to tuck into such items. If you've got a sore throat, however, you may want to eat some ice cream while sat on your bean bag.
Of course, the fact that you're ill means that you may just want to try and sleep it off. If you want to close your eyes and try to get a bit of rest in your sickly state, cosy up on a bean bag chair and try to get some shuteye.
The flexibility on hand with bean bags - they can easily be picked up and carried about - means you can place them in a variety of places in your home. You can cosy up on a bean bag sofa in your bedroom, although if you want to plump yourself down on a leather bean bag in the living room in front of the TV and a big box of tissues you have the option of doing this as well.
If you've got a cold sweat you may find that curling up on a bean bag, with a luxury throw around you helps you to feel better. If you're an animal lover, you may want to snuggle up with a faux fur throw or faux fur cushions - cheetah, zebra and snow leopards are just a few of the styles of animal print that we stock - as you convalesce.
Perhaps you're suffering from a broken foot and you need to keep this part of your body elevated as much as possible. By resting your leg on a small bean bag, perhaps a bean bag cube, you can comfortably keep the limb in position.
Of course bean bags themselves cannot automatically make you feel better. But as they are comfy and cosy to sit on, they can help you relax and concentrate on recovering. There is likely to be nothing worse than being ill, while sat or lying down on something uncomfortable - it is only likely to make things worse. However, with bean bag chairs this need not be the case, so if you're ever feeling unwell why not seek out a bean bag today?