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Luxurious Pet Beds

Your dog or cat is a loyal friend and deserves a real treat at bedtime. You can pamper your pooch perfectly with one of the gorgeous personalised pet bed available from RU Comfy. The designer dog beds are specially designed to accommodate dogs of different sizes, so that your dog can relax in complete comfort.

Stylish Cat or Dog Beds

The beautiful fabrics used to create our range of petbeds will give a classic look to any room that it is placed in, and will blend in beautifully to your home environment. Whether you choose a stylish designer cat bed or one that has been made with soft and luxurious faux fur or even one of our personalised catbeds, you can be sure that your cats will love their new cat beds and will sleep soundly all night. The special design of dog bean bags means that your dog can lie down on a comfy dog bed and snooze for hours, as the beans inside mould around your pet’s shape to support them perfectly. Pet Bean Bags are a great option for a bed for your dog; they are stylish as well as comfortable.