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Pack a bean bag for your driving holiday

Whether you're going on a week's holiday to Scotland or heading to a seaside town like Scarborough or Hastings for a couple of days, packing up the car and getting away from it all is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed in next to no time.

Of course, there are numerous holiday essentials that you should want to take with you before you and your family climb into the car to go on your break. The traditional beach bucket and spade, snacks and books and magazines are all good things to bring, but you may also want to consider taking bean bag chairs with you.

There are a variety of bean bag chairs you can take on holiday and depending on how many people are going away and the size and shape of your vehicle - you may opt to take the caravan or rent a campervan for your break - you should select such furniture accordingly. You may find a bean bag cube to be an ideal option; although, if you're going on a family vacation, large bean bags and bean bag sofas may be more suitable.

Whatever kind of bean bag chair you go for, it could prove a handy option to have while you hit the road. Perhaps you've pulled over at a service station to take a break from driving or have run into technical difficulties and suffered a breakdown. Either way, you may find leather bean bags and other kinds of bean bag chairs to be comfortable to sit on, as they are sure to be far more luxurious than sitting in the car!

Perhaps you've gone to a popular seaside resort like Newquay or Blackpool for your holiday. If this is the case, you are bound to want to head to the shore as soon as possible. Of course you have the option of sitting on the sand, but cosying on up on a bean bag may be a far more comfortable way of relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun.

If your heart is set on doing this - and who can blame you, bean bag chairs are certainly a comfy seating option - you should endeavour to take outdoor bean bags. The material that such bean bag chairs are made from means that they are perfect for use in outside settings like on the beach. And if you're particularly close to the sea, you should make certain that you're sitting on waterproof bean bags, as you don't want your seating to be ruined if there is a particularly big wave or the tide suddenly comes in.

There are a variety of things you can do while sat on your outdoor bean bags. You can curl up with a good book, play on a portable games console or simply work on topping up your tan. Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to find such a seating option to be a comfortable way to spend your vacation.

However, you should not only consider yourself when it comes to figuring out what kinds of bean bag chairs you will take with you on holiday - you should also think about the seating options of your pets.

If you're keen for your canine to come away with you on your vacation - many people often view their pooches as part of the family - packing dog bean bags can be a good way to ensure your four-legged friend stays comfortable as you drive. Kids by themselves can prove to be challenging during a long car journey and having a dog who is whining and yelping is likely to make matters worse.

Luckily, dog bean bags can help your canine - whether it is a poodle, Yorkshire terrier or daschund - to stay relaxed. And when you reach your destination, dog beds can be an ideal item for your pooch to sleep on.

Bean bag chairs can be a suitable item of furniture for all the family, so if you're going on holiday make sure you pack such seats into the boot of your car.