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Make your office the place to be with bean bag chairs

You're likely to spend just as much - if not more - time at work than you are at home, so why not make your office as cosy a place to be as possible?
As you endlessly type up reports, hold conference calls and process orders during your nine-to-five Monday while Friday slog, you may find that well-worn office chair is no longer comfortable to sit in and is actually causing you physical discomfort.
If you're going to be sat down behind a computer for the majority of your working day - something which could particularly prove the case if you have a job in telesales or admin for example - then you're likely to want to do so on as comfy and relaxing a piece of furniture as possible. And for this purpose a bean bag chair could be ideal.
Offering a greater degree of comfort than hardbacked chairs, having a large bean bag in your office could be a much more luxurious item of furniture to help you to relax as you get to grips with paperwork and make orders over the telephone.
Nobody wants to be stressed out while at work and although a bean bag cube may not necessarily make those pressing deadlines go away or mean you don't have to deal with difficult customers or colleagues, as you sit back in your comfortable bean bag you can take a break, even if just a brief one, from the physical and mental strains of the working day.
Bean bags come in a variety of styles so finding such an item of seating to match the rest of your office design should not prove to be too difficult a task.
If you've already got several leather-backed swivel office chairs in your workplace, why not team these up with leather bean bags? In a similar manner to your home, the pieces of furniture in the office ought to be coordinated and doing so can help build an impressive corporate image. Other types of bean bag chairs that you may wish to consider include faux suede bean bags or cotton bean bags.
Do you have regular meetings with work colleagues as part of your position? Perhaps you head up a sales team and need updating on their progress frequently or you're an editor for a trendy fashion magazine and are discussing the week's biggest trends, if you need to get groups of workers together in one place, bean bags may be the ideal piece of furniture to sit them on.
Having a formal meeting with hardbacked chairs could make some members of staff feel uncomfortable and unwilling to say anything - an imposing boardroom setting could cause some shyer workers to hold their tongue. But if creativity in your line of work is key and you want to bounce ideas off people, get them talking and making contributions to projects, bean bag sofas may help employees to relax.
And as they are ideal for more informal meetings, you may find yourself perched on a bean bag cube as you make notes on your laptop or make suggestions during brainstorming sessions.
Other uses for bean bags in the office include in recruitment days - you may want to get potential new employees to carry out assessment tasks while sat on bean bags as you monitor them to see if they will be a good fit for your organisation.
Bean bag sofas may also be an ideal item to place in informal areas such as the staff canteen or games room. Of course you're at the office to work but during lunch, you may find that chilling out on a bean bag is an ideal way to spend your break. And as you come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to go, you could find that your time on a bean bag has given you the impetus to make that sale or complete that report.
With so many benefits, you could well be wondering why your office doesn't already feature bean bags!