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Freshen up your bedroom with a bean bag

Are you tired of the sight of your room? Think your decor looks faded and is in need of an update? Well, why not spruce things up with some new seating?

Carrying out a full-scale makeover of your bedroom can be costly and time-consuming, not to mention messy. Imagine how untidy your boudoir can become when stripping walls of paper and paint - and it may take ages for you to decide on a new colour scheme.

However, for a quick and simple way to update a bedroom, why not add a bean bag chair? The addition of new seating can give a dramatic edge to a room and whether you want a design that matches the existing decorating scheme or you're after something that is bright, bold and will really stand out, the wide variety of colours and prints of bean bag chairs available means you're sure to find something that suits.

Budding Laurence Llewellyn-Bowens keen on giving their room a makeover will find bean bags come in a whole host of different materials, including denim and suede. Cord and both real and faux leather are other options to consider and, as these can be matched with cushions and throws, you can be sure your new home furnishings will match the rest of your room. 

There are many benefits to having a bean bag in your bedroom. Not least of all they offer a comfortable way to relax while watching television. Unlike a rigid high-backed chair, a bean bag can allow people to lie back, stretch their legs and watch the box in style.

And if you end up nodding off while watching your favourite film or TV show, doing so on a comfy bean bag chair means that at least you'll be cosy while you snooze through the action. 

Are you mad for Mario or loopy for Lara Croft? Whatever your console of choice, computer games fans can sit on a bean bag while they put in some hours playing their favourite titles. If you share a house with other people - whether they are your parents, course-mates from university or your partner - they may not appreciate you hogging the main television in the lounge as you attempt to progress to the next level or beat that high score. However, by having a bean bag chair in your room you can not only spend as much time as you like bashing the buttons on your joystick but can do so on some snug seating. Bookworms may also find bean bags to be an ideal place to curl up and spend time reading.

Bean bags may also be ideal for kids who want to follow in the footsteps of their favourite cartoons. Whether they love superheroes or fairy princesses, a range of bean bags depicting their idols are available and these may be the perfect match to the rest of the room, especially if their duvet cover and wallpaper is branded with their favourite television characters.

It may be your room and your bean bag, but it doesn't just have to be you who curls up on such furniture. They could also make an ideal place for your friends to crash on if they end up staying over at your house on short-notice.

Animal lovers who cannot bear to be parted from their furry friend while they sleep may want to invest in a dog's bean bag for their pooch to rest on. By doing so, dog fans can get their 40 winks safe in the knowledge that their faithful companion is close by.

With so many potential uses, the benefits of having a bean bag in your bedroom should be pretty apparent, so why not clear some floorspace so you can get one in today?