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Faux fur cushions

Whether you are searching for soft furnishings to match your new sofa or just wish to give a tired-looking living room a new sense of vitality and freshness, you may want to purchase faux fur cushions.

In doing so, you can kit out your living room with stylish, luxurious accessories that are sure to be the talk of all your friends and family members. RU Comfy are a leading supplier of faux fur cushions and as such we are in an ideal position to provide you with cosy products that you will simply love.

Such products are well-suited for use in the living room. You may want to place a single faux fur cushion in order to provide comfort when sitting on your favourite armchair or you could scatter several of them across your sofa.

And you are bound to find that faux fur cushions are great to snuggle up on while reading a book or chatting with your partner.

Alternatively, you may want to surround yourself with comfortable cushions while watching a film.

Faux fur cushions can give your living room a lovely accent and as they come in a variety of styles and designs, you are bound to find one that suits your existing decor.

We offer a selection of faux fur cushions and as these are made to imitate the fur of a number of creatures, they could be a great option if you like the look of leopard or zebra skin but want something that is animal-friendly. As their name suggests, faux fur cushions are 100 per cent manmade and no creatures have been harmed to make them.

Red fox faux fur cushions are among the products that we have available, with the choice of colours ranging from dark brown and black to lighter shades, such as pink and white.

Our faux fur cushions come in a range of sizes, so you can pick soft furnishings which will be the best fit for your living space.

You can select cushions that have faux fur on both sides or these can be backed in velvety soft faux suede if you prefer.

These cushions are also available with or without a plump inner, so there will be plenty of options to select from when you buy faux fur cushions from us.

Of course, so much choice can mean that the process of figuring out which particular faux fur cushion you wish to purchase can be a difficult one.

However, by using our fabric sample service you can get a piece of the material used in our faux fur cushions sent to your home. This way you can figure out which of our products will be best suited for you before you commit to making a purchase.

While we will charge you £5 for receiving our swatches, you will be able to reclaim your money thanks to the discount code that we also provide. This entitles you to get your cash back when you decide to go ahead and order a faux fur cushion from us.

And once you've figured out which of our faux fur cushions you would like to buy, the process of ordering and paying could not be easier. You can purchase online or alternatively, why not give our sales team a call? We are on hand to provide you with any help you need and can guide you through every step of the buying process.

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When it comes to faux fur cushions, you cannot go wrong when you buy from us.