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Designer dog beds - Leather and fur

There is no better way to reward your pet dog than to give them a place to sleep that they will thoroughly enjoy; a designer dog bed from RU Comfy. Your beloved four legged friend will be able to sleep more soundly than ever before in complete comfort.

Crafted with great care and with your dog’s relaxation always as the top priority, the personalised beds provide excellent insulation for your pooch so that they are always warm and snug. All dog beds are made with exceptionally plush materials that are the height of luxury, so that not only will your dog be cosy in their bed, but you will be able to place it in any room as it will suit all décors. Your furry friend can sleep soundly and dream away the hours or simply relax after a long walk. Whatever their position, your dog will always be comfortable in their pet bed, and it will be stylish enough to display in your home.