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Outdoor and indoor beanbags

You can dress up your sofa in style with a cushion from RU Comfy, making your living room or den a luxurious place to spend your time relaxing. A leather cushion adds that feeling of sumptuousness to any room with its quality fabric and tactile nature. Silk is a material that exudes elegance and your living room or bedroom will benefit from its classic look. Dress up your decking and garden with our 100% Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Cushions, Floor Cushions.

Indoor/Outdoor & Floor Cushions

Your cushion will not only provide you with a beautiful soft furnishing to enhance your décor, but with the smooth comfort that only fabrics like silk or leather can give. These cushions are so versatile that they can be placed in practically any room in the house and always look fabulously chic. With a silk cushion your sofa or bed will always be inviting and relaxing, providing the ultimate in style with its smooth fabric, and comfort, with its ergonomic design.Spruce up your patio with our 100% Indoor/Outdoor Cushions, Floor Cushions.