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Beanballs - Comfort for football fans

For a piece of furniture that is a combination of versatility, outstanding quality of manufacturing and materials and choices of styles to suit you, a beanball from RU Comfy is a must. Leisure furniture has become an important and even essential addition to the modern home, due to the fast pace of our working lives.

There should always be a simple way to unwind once you are away from the hustle and bustle, and a Beanball can provide this in several ways. If you simply want a comfortable seat in which to sit whilst working from home, you will be fully supported with the unique design of this furniture piece. For relaxation it will be easy to sit back and enjoy the feeling of the Beanball filling moulding around your form, and the warmth and comfort of the fabric of your choice. Like beanbags, a leather beanball or football is the ideal way to create an extra place to sit in the room of your choice, as it will offer comfort and style no matter what the environment