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Beancubes - Comfort and Class

Beancubes - When you are looking for an item of furniture that is comfortable to relax on, but that can also look amazing in any room of your choice, beancubes from the range at RU Comfy will fulfil these criteria. There is no end to the style possibilities with your bean cubes, as there are plenty of gorgeous fabrics and eye catching colours to suit all individual tastes.

Your living room or bedroom can be enhanced with the aesthetically pleasing textures of faux fur, faux leather bean bags or even suede that are used to create the perfect bean cubes. These fabrics are very hard wearing as well as beautiful, so you can enjoy your furniture for years to come. The elegant cubes are so versatile that you can use them as extra seating for yourself or a guest, as a footrest to help you relax after a hard day or even a table to rest your newspapers on. You can move your bean cubes around the house placing it wherever you need it; as an extra piece of furniture for visitor’s bedrooms or as a seat for the patio. With an impressive selection of fabrics and colours to choose from there will be no reason why you cannot find the right beancube for your home. Versatile and stylish, these furniture pieces will greatly enhance the ambiance in any room.