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Bean bags: the ideal seating for sporting enthusiasts

Those who love watching sport in front of their television may be commonly known as armchair fans, but for a much more comfortable way of getting behind your favourite teams and athletes, you may want to sit on bean bag chairs. 
No matter what kind of sports you enjoy, you are sure to want to be in as a comfortable position as possible when settling down to watch the big game or race. 
Indeed, the likes of cricket and baseball matches can last for hours and as you're unlikely to want to miss any of the action, you will want to be sat down on something that is comfortable and cosy. 
Due to their flexible properties and luxurious materials, you can relax on bean bag sofas in front of the TV cheering on your heroes without developing a stiff back or legs - something that is not always the case when it comes to high-backed, hard wooden chairs. 
Watching football matches on TV are often tense, heart-wrenching affairs, particularly if your side is attempting to win a cup final or avoid the prospect of relegation. Of course, you won't be the only one who's on edge, the players on the pitch may also be feeling the nerves when the goal is in their sight. And just as it looks as if they may score and get the result they desperately need, you could find yourself steadily rising off your bean bag in anticipation of a last-minute goal, only to watch them poke the ball wide. 
As you plump back down on your leather bean bag or cotton bean bag with your head in your hands, you may well be agonising over that miss. But at least you'll be sitting on something that is comfortable, even if the game you're watching is proving to be anything but that. 
If you're a football fanatic, you may want to seek out faux leather bean bags made to imitate an actual football. But if you've a special affinity for a club - perhaps one of the Premier League's big sides like Manchester United or Chelsea - you can show your support for your team by getting a special bean bag that features the club's badge. If you're sitting down to watch the likes of John Terry and Wayne Rooney in action on the big screen, you may want also to wear a replica shirt to match your bean bag chair. 
Of course, football is not the only sport that is ideal to watch while sat on a bean bag. Whether you're a fan of rugby, Formula One, horse racing, athletics or golf, you could be perched at the end of a bean bag cube watching the tension unfold on screen. 
If there's a big tournament going on, such as the football World Cup or Olympics, why not invite your family and friends around so you watch matches and races together? Sitting together on bean bag sofas as you cheer your side on is sure to be a memorable way to spend an afternoon with your loved ones, unless they support a rival team that is! 
You may also find a bean bag to be a useful item of furniture if you're staying up late to watch some sport. Perhaps there's a big pay-per-view boxing match that you have to see or you're up late watching top American basketball teams go head-to-head in the NBA. If you're staying up in the small hours to watch sport, why not snuggle up on a bean bag and wrap around luxury throws so you can be cosy while watching the action? 
No matter what the final result is, you are sure to find sitting on bean bag chairs to be a winner.