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Bean bags - the ideal choice for bookworms

Despite the wide range of high-tech gizmos and gadgets people may have at their disposal, there are perhaps fewer simple pleasures in life then whiling the hours away in the company of a good book. 

Whether you're a fan of romance, poetry, thrillers or travel writing, spending an afternoon devouring your favourite tome is bound to be an ideal way to help you detune from the stresses of modern day living and relax. But to really do so in comfort, have you considered getting to grips with your book while sitting on a bean bag? 

This type of seating could be an ideal way for people to curl up with a novel and lose themselves into the world of storytelling. Such seating can prove a more comfortable option than a hardbacked armchair and as you get into your book - whether it involves wizards and witches, dashing Victorian gentlemen or aliens from outer spaces - you may soon feel as if you're right in the middle of the action. 

Booklovers will find a variety of rooms in the home make an ideal place to position a bean bag. Why not consider placing one in your bedroom? It could make a handy alternative to always reading on your bed. Those with a home office or study may want to put such seating here, as this is one part of the home that is already likely to contain a high number of books. 

But for people keen to enjoy their book in the fresh air, why not take a bean bag into the garden? Having a bag for this purpose could see readers enjoy their stories in the sunshine. You may be tempted to drag out the bean bag chair you've been using indoors for several years to do this, but those who plan on reading in their backyard on a regular basis may want to invest in a waterproof bean bag. Ideal for use outdoors, should the weather suddenly take a turn for their worse, people can be safe in the knowledge that such seating will be unharmed. 

But the home is not the only place where you may be able to read while sat on bean bags. Numerous libraries also offer such seating, so after browsing the aisles for a book to borrow, you can flop on to a bag to get a good idea of what it will be about before you check it out. After all, there can be fewer things more irritating for bookworms than to have got themselves all comfortable at home for a good day's reading only to find out that their newly-borrowed paperback is a bore. 

Kids in particular are sure to enjoy themselves while settled on a bean bag with a good book. With Harry Potter and Twilight among some of the most popular series for young children, cosying up on this kind of chair may make for an ideal way for them to follow the adventures of their heroes. However, those hitting the books for school may find bean bags make for a more relaxed learning experience. 

Indeed, RU Comfy Bean Bags supplied 60 big bean bags to the Everest Community College. With the college recently featuring on the television advertisements for Natwest, kids around the country may be keen to follow in the footsteps of the Hampshire institutions and read while sitting on bean bag chairs. 

However, those wanting to bring their passion for literature into the 21st century may want to cosy up on a bean bag with an ebook. Of course it doesn't just have to be books that are read on bean bags. Why not cosy up on them to read the morning newspaper or to catch-up with your favourite magazines or comics?