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Bean bag chairs for babies

Whether you've become a parent for the first time or are welcoming another addition to your steadily-growing family, you should be sure to endeavour that your little ones have somewhere comfy to sit on - and for this purpose bean bag chairs could be ideal. 

Of course, if you or your partner have just given birth you're likely to want to keep your new child cradled in your arms for as long as possible. However, there will be moments where you have to put your child down and when this is the case you will want them to be sat somewhere that is both comfortable and secure, so you may well want to consider our range of baby bean bags. 

And whether you have a new baby boy, girl or both - who knows you may even have twins! - we are sure to have children's bean bags that will be suitable for your little ones. 

Little boys' rooms are traditionally decorated in blue and you will find that we supply a range of bean bag chairs in this colour. Girls, meanwhile, usually have pink-coloured rooms, so if you're after a bean bag for your little princess in this particular tone we will also have something suitable. Of course, you may want to go for a bean bag in a gender-neutral colour, maybe in yellow or white, which can be ideal if you're considering redecorating the nursery as your baby gets older. 

And while baby bean bag chairs are stylish, you can also be sure that they are a safe and secure choice. These types of bean bag come with an adjustable harness, so whether you are sat on bean bag sofas of your own next to your child watching television, or are in the kitchen cooking a meal while your baby is in the living room, you can be sure they will not come to any harm. 

Indeed, you may find that the chairs and settees made for grown-ups are an unsuitable item of furniture for toddlers and babies to sit in while unsupervised. Cots and cribs may be too heavy to lug around a home, but a baby bean bag could be a perfect piece of seating due to their light, portable nature. You can usually pick up a bean bag chair with just one hand, although you should make sure child is not sat in it when you do choose to move it! 

While they are sat in their baby bean bag, you may want to read to your child. By reading stories such as The Hungry Caterpillar or See Spot Run, you may find your baby develops a love of literature and by the time they are older they may want to sit on bean bag sofas themselves to read a book. 

Alternatively, why not hang a cot mobile over your child while he or she is sat in their bean bag chair? Your child is sure to have fun watching the various objects circle above them, all while sat in comfort and total security. 

Unfortunately, babies do not stay babies forever - no matter how you wish they would. As they get older and eventually outgrow baby bean bags, you may want to invest in more suitable children's bean bag chairs. Whether this is a bean bag cube - which may be ideal for perching on while reading a book - or sitting on cotton bean bags while doing some homework, your kids are sure to find children's bean bags a great item of seating for a whole host of activities. And as they eventually reach adolescence, you may want to be buy large bean bags so that your teenagers can play computer games and watch television in comfort. 

However, you should be sure to keep hold of your baby bean bags! Not only can they act as a reminder of how cute your child when they were very young, but you may need them again in case you decide to make any further additions to your family!