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March 18th, 2014

Donated Beanbags For School Chill Out Area


Today we donated sensory bean bags to a Local Primary School for a ‘chill out area’ that was being introduced into the school. The chill out area that includes our sensory beanbags will be a vital part in the school and will be used to hold many extra curriculum activities. Sensory Bean bags have proved to be an invaluable resource for schools and other similar organisations that deal with a range of different needs including, autism, challenging behaviours, learning difficulties, and much more.

Sensory Beanbags for Chill Out Area

One of the groups being held by the school is for children with behavioural and emotional needs. The children attending the group will learn about friendships and how their emotions affect themselves and others around them. The beanbags will help promote inclusion and can be used by all the children, with or without special needs. They are great for sensory spaces and chill out areas like the one being introduced at the school. We even offer a sensory beanbag.

Sensory Beanbag from rucomfy Beanbags

The Sensory bean bag comes in a mixture of quality fabrics which we have developed with beanbags in mind, Strong, Wipe Cleanable, Durable and Washable. The array of colours and textures means that this is especially enjoyable for infants, toddlers and even for those with learning disabilities. Best of all because of the variety of colours and fabrics every Sensory beanbag is made to order we have added a ‘Preferred Colour’ option, which means we can make your unique beanbag as best as possible with your indicated colour scheme.

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November 1st, 2013

Beanbag News: Tis The Season For Bean bags

Autumn is upon us and winter is soon to follow, that means only one thing…its Christmas soon time to start planning the presents. Halloween has just passed and we hope you all had a spookily good time, we at rucomfy have been busy with our seasonal unique beanbags. Our customers have decided to go for a modern take on pumpkins this year with our happy pumpkin beanbag for kids, saving time and money with our halloween bean bags.

Happy Pumpkin Children's Beanbag

No mess, no accidents when carving a pumpkin with our pumpkin beanbags, providing a truly comfy seat all year round…they don’t shrivel up a few days after halloween either, our beanbags are made to last! Along with pumpkins we have a range of halloween unique beanbags that can be personalised too including frankenstein, Sid the Spider , our Ghost beanbag and Skull bean bag.

Before we know it Christmas will be here, every year we convince ourselves that we will do the shopping early this year and by the time we remember its 1 week left until the big day. Here at rucomfy our Christmas unique kids beanbags are available now, in plenty of time for christmas, and will make a very special present this year. Find a unique beanbag this Christmas and make it special with our entire unique beanbag range.

If you’ve decided to start your Christmas shopping and realised you don’t know what to get, don’t worry, we  have created a “For Him” ,” For Her” , “For Kids” etc to give you an idea of the best we offer and the most popular beanbags on the web.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our half price easYfill liner offer to make cleaning your beanbag a simple job, why not add a personalised name too with our half price offer on.

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October 11th, 2013

Beanbag News: A Warm Welcome For Tickle The Teddy Bear

Today is a special occasion, today we welcome a new member to the rucomfy bean bags family Tickle The Teddy Bear bean bag.  Tickle is the first teddy bear amongst all of our unique animal bean bags and just like the first day of school he is excited and nervous, luckily for Tickle all of our animal beanbags are friendly and love having new friends. Squidger The Brown Dog is especially excited as he was also added to the team by a special request from a customer.

Tickle Bear was originally designed for a young boy who wanted a beanbag just like his favourite teddy bear that followed him everywhere he went. We was contacted by the young boy’s mother who was ordering an olive the owl at the time and had seen our notice that we put on all unique printed bean bags that informs customers if there is a beanbag they would like, something custom designed, that we don’t currently have to contact us and so she did.

Tickle Bear was such a fantastic design that, just like Squidger The Brown Dog, we couldn’t resist adding him to the rucomfy unqiue printed beanbag family. After receiving Tickle Bear we was contacted with the following message “We received our 2 beanbags this morning – olive owl & the custom made tickle bear. They are absolutely fab! Thank you so so much. Over the moon with them both, particularly Tickle, as he is my sons favourite teddy!”

How did he get the name Tickle you ask, our thoughts exactly and this is how:  “Charlie calls him ‘Tickle Bear’ as my husband decided the best way to dry him when we were camping a few years ago when he got wet,was to put him in a pan on the wood burning stove. Needless to say, the underneath of Tickle got singed & Charlie has called him Tickle ever since!”

You will be happy to know Tickle is settling in well and has made lots of new friends including Chip Monster Beanbag, Toby The Tiger Beanbag and Marvin The Monkey Beanbag.

We offer a fantastically designed and wide range of beanbags at from beanbag classics, beanbag chairs, beanbag sofas to our unique printed section that include flag beanbags, animal beanbags, monster beanbags and our new 360 beanbags.

We can design and print everything, if you have any ideas or special requests we would love to hear from you. You can contact us directly, message us on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter and even take a snap on instagram.


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October 3rd, 2013

Beanbag News: Horsing Around with Howard the Horse

Howard the horse has been with rucomfy beanbags for over a year now and since the moment we met him he has always dreamed of fame and stardom, we’re happy to announce that Howard has found his calling. Featuring in Septembers Your Horse magazine Howard the Horse beanbag is given the lime light he deserves for all horse lovers across the world to see.

Howards Feature in the Magasine

Howard is the perfect gift for any horse enthusiast especially little girls, we’re sure all parents have been pestered for a horse at some point or another…maybe you still are? Howard the Horse Beanbag is better than the real deal, no cleaning up after him (in fact with our easYfill washing system, it’s a breeze), no feeding and you don’t have to buy a whole farm just to keep him. Saddle up with Howard and experience real comfort, unlike a real horse, while no riding gear is needed! You can even name your own horse beanbag, take advantage of our half price personalisation sale now.

Our Unique Printed beanbags is where Howard lives with his huge range of friends including Marvin the Monkey bean bag, Marc the Meer Kat, Geoffrey the Giraffe, Lisa the Leopard and many, many more. All of our animal children’s beanbags need a home and a name, if you can find a place in your home and your heart for them then visit their page.


Designed, sourced and manufactured right here in the UK rucomfy beanbags have brought you quality beanbags with top rated customer service (visit our independent reviews here) since 1982. All of our Beanbags are filled with ample amount of beanbag beads to ensure a luxury level of comfort.


Already found a place in your home for our beanbags? Why not send us a picture via Facebook, tweet us on twitter, take a snap for Instagram or simply e-mail us at today!


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September 19th, 2013

Beanbag News: A Comfortable Recovery For Emma

Despite a rough time involving long hip surgery, Emma will be enjoying her 5 months of recovery in the comfiest way possible on her very own Squarbie© beanbag from rucomfy beanbags.

Relaxed Emma Enjoying Her Beanbag

We recently received a kind and appreciative e-mail from the father of brave Emma praising the comfort, quality and service his little girl received from one of our most versatile and popular beanbags the Squashy Squarbie bean bag. Emma is 2 years old and was unfortunately in need of hip surgery, as part of her recovery Emma has a cast that keeps her hip in the right place for 5 months which for anybody would find frustrating and uncomfortable. Luckily for Emma her dad has spoilt her for being such a brave girl through this experience with a rucomfy beanbag that will ensure a comfortable and relaxing 5 months for a quick recovery.

Her father wrote ” I Just wanted to let you know I got my order from you today its fantastic, I got it for my daughter who has had a hip operation done at 2 years old and I needed something she could sit in comfortably and take the strain and pressure off of her due to the cast she will be wearing for 5mths so thank you very much great product great price and great delivery i will be buying from you again.I will be letting everyone know where i got it from.”

Baby Gaga

Unique Baby Gaga

Hearing about Emma’s experience brings delight to all the team here, we would like to wish Emma a speedy recovery, we know it will be the comfiest recovery possible. We at rucomfy believe in comfort and strive to ensure all of our customers get the comfort they want and deserve. We have been improving beanbag standards since 1982 by designing, sourcing and manufacturing right here in the UK. Offering the widest range of beanbags in the UK & Europe through our fantastic quality colours, shapes including our new fantastic Unique Beanbag range which includes printed squarbie beanbags, children’s beanbags and our popular baby beanbag range.

We welcome anymore fantastic stories like Emma’s, if you have any please send them to , visit our Facebook, Tweet us or even send us a snap via Instagram. For thousands of other independent reviews about our rucomfy beanbags please visit our customer reviews page.

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July 17th, 2013

Summer is here – Enjoy it with an Outdoor Beanbag

Hat, check! Sun glasses, check! Lotion, check! Outdoor Beanbag, CHECK!! That is how a summer day’s perfect checklist should go, and that is how rucomfy beanbag customers have been enjoying all over the UK. So far the summer of 2013 has been everything but a typical British summer it is finally time to get yourself out in the garden, down the park, to the beach but HOLD ON ONE MOMENT..don’t forget the one item that will make sure you are thoroughly relaxed, your rucomfy Outdoor beanbag.

Outdoor beanbag Fun

We at rucomfy provide top quality UK made beanbags, our outdoor range come in a great selection of shapes and colours ensuring you find the perfect beanbag for any occasion. If your ‘throwing another shrimp on the barbi’ with friends, family and want it to be a moment to your guests will remember not a problem we have beanbags that seat more than just one; the 6ft sofa lounger provides enough room make 3-4 adults comfy, our gigantic Goliath beanbag is a great beanbag for 2 to stay cosy together ideal for couples and if your looking to grab a bargain you can take of our fantastic bundle deal on our Summer Sizzler beanbag.

Outdoor beanbags

However, if you’re feeling like some relaxing time in the sun on your own then we have the perfect self-indulgent treat for you! We are happy to introduce a brand new line to the fantastic wide range of beanbags we offer, the Solo Lounger. Read a book , sun bathe, study in comfort with our new Solo Lounger is the perfect ‘you’ time beanbag that you need, filled with ample amount of bead and ideal elevated head and foot rests be sure to treat yourself in style and comfort.

Solo Lounger Beanbag

Won’t it get mucky outside? What happens if it rains? – this is what your thinking right, we pride ourselves at our beanbag expertise and we have created an exclusive rucomfy easy solution to keep your beanbag in great condition our easYfill liner. Allowing you to wash your Outdoor beanbag at a 30 degree wash quickly and easily, just watch our video here to see how simple it is!

Have a great summer with an rucomfy outdoor beanbags.

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July 3rd, 2013

Hire beanbags: A Simple Solution

beanbag hire

Organising an event is never an easy task, making decisions down to the fine details to ensure everything is looking perfect but do you create a memorable impression? Can you be sure your guests remember the experience? You can when you take advantage of our hire beanbags service  you never forget where you was and what you was doing when you indulged yourself in comfort with an rucomfy bean bag, a memory that lasts.

beanbag hire

Our Bean Bag Hire hassle-free service offers a practical, memorable, affordable and most importantly comfortable experience for you and your guests. Whether your hosting an event for a day or a week, for 10 or 1000 guests rucomfy can help you with your seating needs. We have a wide range of beanbags, as seen on our website , from classic beanbags, lounging beanbags, sofa beanbags, giant bean bags and more in a quality selection of materials in a bold and contrasting selection of colours to suit your needs. We manufacture UK quality beanbags, the UK is known for quality of products because we put effort and quality materials into our products we at rucomfy are proud to be a UK leading beanbag manufacturer.

Beanbag Lounger Hire


For an affordable seating solution with hassle free arrangements contact us today.

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June 28th, 2013

Bean Bag News: rucomfy update

This Past year has bean a busy year in the world of rucomfy bean bags, we are growing as a company in more ways than one. The UK and beyond (we also cater to international customers) are finding our fantastic beanbag range the perfect addition in comfort to their seating arrangements with our selection of sofa bean bags. One of the great ways we have expanded is the selection we offer as we now have over 300 bean bag products, these range from childrens beanbags to zipped beanbag sofas and even our unique beanbag designs. Our children’s range now benefits from quality printed beanbags designed by us in house offering the perfect gift with over 50 animal and monster bean bags to choose from you can be sure to find the perfect specially designed beanbag for your little one. We frequently update and expand new designs on our online store.

War Beanbag

All of our bean bags are made in house and because of the high demand for our products we now have more staff which benefits from a full time design team and professional bean bag makers to keep up with the popular demand and our top rated customer service, which reviews can be read here. All of our bean bag chairs and furniture comes in an array of quality and durable colours which as you can guess is part of our expanding selection and now come in over 20 colours to choose from as well as over 8 fantastic fabrics: suede, leather, outdoor and our favourite comfy fabrics and just a few of what we offer.

Customer service is important to us and because we are so passionate about beanbags we want to offer nothing but the best in service, product and value for money. We hope you enjoy our selection and follow us on Facebook to keep updated with our latest designs.

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May 1st, 2013

Branded Beanbags: Yahoo! Hackathon!

This month at rucomfy beanbags there has been yet another success story of our branded beanbag service going global with the Yahoo Hack Europe 2013. For those who have never heard of this event this hackathon is a gathering created by Yahoo! held  in London over a weekend to celebrate collaboration, and innovation in the tech world.


Yahoo Branded Beanbags

Hackers Unite

No hackathon can be done without comfortable, practicable seating which is exactly why Yahoo! came to rucomfy beanbags the UK leading manufacturer in domestic and commercial Bean bags. Our Branded beanbag service is available on all levels from a full design and printing service with our in-house design team for a completely custom beanbag for any event, to screen printing your logo on an existing beanbag you can find on our website. We can create the perfect beanbag for your business, whether your hosting an event or upgrading your seating arrangements with our range of fabrics ranging form luxurious leather to outdoor fabrics in a wide range of colours our beanbags are the perfect solution for your business.


The Yahoo! Hack Europe 2013 was a great success with much to offer, this was no ordinary hackathon with debates on emerging tech trends to work shops highlighting tricks of the trade and even geeky craft workshops. £7500 was the reward in which teams competed in a 90 second presentation  of their hack to industry expert judges.

Yahoo Branded Bean bags

As for our Branded beanbags here is what Yahoo! had to say: “Thank you for all of your help with the bean bags, they were a great success onsite.”. We look forward to working with more businesses and providing top level comfort to more and more people. Please contact us for any of your Branded Beanbag enquiries.

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February 12th, 2013

Branded Cushions: oosh very nice branded cushions!

ITV Celebrities have been to show their faces in the rucomfy factory for our latest branded cushion adventure. As rucomfy continues to grow the quality of our branded bean bags has become recognised to many, not only have our domestic shoppers been so satisfied (as you can see with our reviews) but also have the corporate clients. We have done a lot of work now for corporate businesses with our branded bean bags but this time around we have been approached for something a little different to our norm by the best in TV entertainment ITV for a custom order in Branded Cushions…proving we’re not just a one trick pony!

branded bean bags, branded cushions

rucomfy Branded cushions

One of the reasons rucomfy are probably the best in the world of branded bean bags is because we have a team who spend all day ensuring existing and potential customers are happy. Our customer service staff handles all enquiries fast while our in-house design team strives to improve our extensive range of bean bags by shape, fabric, design. Our branded bean bags get a lot of attention and focus but so do our everyday beanbags.

branded beanbags, branded cushions


Spice Girl Emma Bunton showing off our latest quality branded cushions made solely for ITV, tweeting her love for Britain’s favourite boys Ant and Dec on custom rucomfy branded cushions.

Unfortunately our favourite ITV presenters didn’t make an appearance to collect their branded cushions, they went out first class just like the rest of our beanbags, but maybe we will get a surprise visit one day. As you can see the quality of our current products doesn’t limit as to what we can cater for, corporate or not if your looking for something special or branded our bean bags and more can be the perfect choice for you.


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